Norm Dodge: Production Designer / ArtDirector

Norm has worked as a production designer in theatre and film for over twenty years.

His stage designs include sets for more than 200 productions from New York City to Europe, as well as in Canada and across the U.S.

His screen credits include fifteen feature films and numerous TV movies, series and specials, music videos and over 250 commercials and industrials.

His work for film and television has been seen on HBO, Showtime, NBC, CBS, ABC, A&E, The History Channel, MTV and VH1, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, PBS, and in a theatre near you.

Thoroughly experienced in both location and studio work, Norm is a "director's designer" known for striking visual style, ingenious mechanical effects and budgetary responsibility.

 New York

(212) 289 1092


(610) 296 9480

 Los Angeles

(805) 984 4575


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